Wear Your Photos on Your Sneakers


Let’s do a magic trick.

Take out your phone. Shoot something; anything. Now close your eyes and imagine if you will that very picture moving through time with you; not hidden deep within the pictorial database on your smartphone, but visibly represented on your feet for all to see. Now open your eyes.


Print your photos on your sneakers

Print your photos on your sneakers


Enter MiAdidas and the Adidas Photo Print app.

By the end of summer, all of you – sorry, all of us – picture-loving Instagram fanatics will finally be able to wear our favorite pics on our feet. Through an app called Photo Print, to be released in August for both iOS and Android devices, Adidas will allow customers to customize its ZX Flux sneaker with their very own pictures.

In this new world of “funky kicks,” sneaker customization is nothing new. With consumers clamoring to boldly define their identity through fashion, major brands like Nike, Converse, Reebox and others, have been allowing customers to detail their sneakers by selecting from among pre-determined prints and color options.

Unlike its competitors, Adidas differentiates by letting you control the image that appears on your sneakers. The only headache you may have is figuring out, which of your hundreds of pictures is worth the rumored $100 to $200 price tag. If you ask me, that’s pretty damn innovative.

My only concern with MiAdidas, however, is the potential for copyright infringement. As it stands, people take pictures of every, and anything these days – including other people’s work. With such a service, I can’t help but wonder what’s to stop users from posting pictures of someone’s private artwork, without permission, on their sneakers.  Maybe Adidas has factored that into their service – who knows? They’ve been rather mute since they initially hinted to the August debut. Seems only time will tell.

In the meantime, I guess I should start combing through my hundreds of posts to find that worthy pic…or maybe I’ll just take a selfie.





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