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Hello World…

I used to think I should change the world, until one day I realized I needed to change myself. I had become a shadow of my previous self; an empty shell – more lost than found. So I set out on a journey of self-discovery; or homecoming, depending on which way you view it.  Since then I’ve been hitchhiking along the meandering road of life; at times boldly making my way into unknown territories, and leaving my stamp.  Other times, passively passing through the day. I’m flawed and imperfect, but I’m conscious. And my consciousness is what pushes me to continuously evolve into an even better,  more intuitive individual. I’m no swan, but I’m surely not the ugly duckling.

I’m inquisitive and thirsty for life. I always want to do more, see more, be more. I’ve been blessed with an illustrative mind that appreciates the present, while vividly envisioning its possibilities. I guess that’s why art moves me; why I find utter joy in creating things, no matter how small or insignificant. I am convinced I was born to do more than selfishly mine my own interests; so I spend my days learning the tricks and trades of the world, ensuring that whenever opportunity knocks, or better yet, whenever I create it, I’m more than ready.

Blogging was never my intention; I’m no writer. But I do remember the solace that penning my feelings and dreams into diaries brought me as a child. So in my continued quest to change myself and change the world, it is my hope to share with you all the quirky, wanderings of my colorful mind.

I’m atypical. ATYPIFIED is my state of mind. I do not walk the straight and narrow path – and quite frankly, I don’t want to!

Here’s hoping my ramblings bring some enlightening.


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