(Written in UK English)

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, MONDAY, DECEMBER 12th, 2010_A major project converting the small fishing village of Woburn into a tourism hotspot is officially on its way.

Work has begun on a 435-ft. road allowing access to Bamboo Bay, the specific area identified for development. The historic site, known for its scenic waterfront ponds enclosed by conch shells, is part of a new initiative to enhance local communities.

“This is part of something we term ‘Community Tourism,’ which is bringing the tourist into the community,” said Peter David, Minister for Tourism.

“Many times when tourists come, they go to Grand Anse Beach and remain in very limited areas. Now we are trying throughout the country to develop these small sites; sites that have some historic value and sites that have some meaning to the communities in which they are.”

Bamboo Bay, and its 200-year-old fish ponds, will be transformed into a lively tourist attraction, equipped with proper locker facilities for fishermen, a historical centre and a sea aquarium. Additionally, the site will be used to promote the sale of conch or lambie.

“The concept is like Fish Friday, where you have different people promoting different things; but this time, we are promoting conch. So you should be able to get lambie in all forms,” said Glynis Roberts, Minister for Labour and Parliamentary Representative (MP) for the area.

The St. George South MP, who considers this “a dream coming true,” is eager to see “visitors and locals alike, on Wednesdays, coming down to the bay to have a relaxing evening, as well as to get a fresh fish broth or something to do with conch.”

As a matter of fact, in keeping with the cultural and historic significance of the site, Roberts has ensured that the first set of trees to be cleared from the area will be burnt as coals to be used by the vendors on opening night.

Both Roberts and David view the EC$331,000 road project as absolutely necessary for sustained economic, cultural and tourism development of the community.

However, the ministers aren’t the only ones pleased with the project. Speaking on behalf of the Woburn and Woodlands Development Organisation, Margaret Weise called the road “very significant.”

According to Weise, the construction of a road has been something her organisation has asked for since its inception in 2009. Weise, the president of the organisation, believes the road is just the first step in enhancing the area and bringing about “economical development for the people, as well as a more comfortable working space for the fishermen.”

Currently, Bamboo Bay is home to three bays and five ponds. The ponds were built by fishermen, in the days before refrigeration, and were used to house their stock before taking it to market.

The only access route to Bamboo Bay is a footpath built by the European Union in 1996.





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